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Issue 32
, 2011
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CPCB seeks details on Okhla plant

Neha Lalchandani
Source: Times of India, New Delhi, April 28, 2011, Date: , 2011

NEW DELHI: The Central Pollution Control Board has told Jindal Ecopolis, the company setting up the waste-to-energy plant at Okhla, that it would not be permitted to operate if it fails to provide technical details on pollution control at the incineration plant.

At a meeting held on Tuesday, CBCP raised several questions which Jindal representatives were unable to answer. They have now been asked to submit details within the next few days so that they may be studied by experts who will eventually provide inputs on how to make the plant environmentally sustainable.

"We have asked Jindal Ecopolis to provide the committee with details on the technical issues of the project. They had come prepared with a general description of the plant whereas we were interested in the specific technical points of each step of the process. A list of questions has been made available to them and they are expected to respond to them shortly," said an official.