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Issue 31
, 2011
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Green technology is the 'future' at large

J Keerthi
Source: The Financial Express, Date: , 2010

Green technology is a technology that is environment-friendly and ensures that natural resources are conserved. Green technology is the ‘future’ at large, and the main aim of this innovative technology is to avoid any deterioration to the environmental resources. In a way, green technology helps in reducing the amount of pollution that is being emitted during the process of production and even while consuming the products. It talks about the relationship between human beings and natural resources, and the irreversible hazard that is being caused to the nature and the environment because of the economic activities.

One can quote some examples of environmental hazards such as pollution of rivers, global warming resulting in depletion of ozone layer etc.

India is essentially a country that needs to implement green technology because of its vast geographic area and huge population, and also for the reason that India has been identified as one of the emerging and ever-growing markets for the world’s producers. Both the production and consumption are so massive that one can witness the tremendous amount of damage that is being caused to the environment and natural resources every second. If the trend continues, then one day we may have to zero in on what we have achieved and get into the shoes to rectify our unpardonable mistakes, which are irreparable.

Green technology is not only essential for sustainable development in the long-run but there are also short-term advantages of using eco-friendly fuels. India can use ‘cradle to cradle’ technology, rather than ‘cradle to grave’, that can be fully re-used. But the question is how can India develop and tap green technology?

There are certain crucial issues that need to be focused upon while introducing green technology. For instance, a social awareness about the need for environment-friendly goods and services for production and consumption at a larger scale is required. And, for this, a massive campaign on this issue has to be undertaken. Green technology as a subject needs to be made mandatory in academics. The industrial segment needs to be pushed forward to come out with more environment-friendly production and consumption processes. Various incentives need to be given to the industrial sector, which is ready to innovate and implement green technology.

Also, the government can work towards encouraging people to come out with agricultural plots within or near the cities so that the distance the food has to travel may be reduced. This can be done either by the small farmers or by large-scale farming undertakers.