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Issue 29
, 2010
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A green candle to cut pollution

Source: ENL, Date: , 2010

Now, a 'green candle' that does not pollute. A Punjab-based company, the country's largest producer, processor and exporter of honey, will soon launch candles from bee wax, a byproduct for bee-keepers.

"These candles do not emit black smoke when blown out, unlike candles made of synthetic wax. These are environment-friendly. Right now, bee-wax candles are used only in Europe during Christmas in churches," says Shahzada Singh Kapoor, managing partner and son of Jagjeet Singh Kapoor, director of Kashmir Apiaries. The candles will be produced by Little Bee Impex, a subsidiary of Kashmir Apiaries.

According to Singh, the aroma of bee-wax candle is so pleasant that these can be used during "relaxation activities" like meditation, yoga or a hot bubble bath.
"Bee-wax candles burn brighter than normal ones and molten wax does not flow down the candle stick. It is even a strong light source for reading," says Kapoor, adding that bee-wax candle being produced on a commercial scale will generate employment. "This project does not require much investment to begin and we already have the basic infrastructure in place. Samples are ready and within one year these candles would be ready for sale,'' he said.
The company also plans to launch a range of honey-based cosmetics and toiletries. "We have registered this honey-based cosmetic range under the brand name 'Bee Hives' and would launch by next year,'' said Kapoor.

Kashmir Apiaries Group with its Little Bee brand has emerged as one of the largest producers, processors and exporters of honey from India.
"Our lab production for the Bee Hive range is in process and we have been distributing our products in exhibitions for sampling and market feedback. So far, the company has prepared honey-based soaps, shampoo, shower gel and face pack," added Kapoor. A range of lip glosses and balms is also likely to be added soon. The honey-based cosmetics will not only be herbal, but also totally vegetarian and non-alcoholic.

Kapoors would be investing about Rs 10 crore for installing a factory for production of these cosmetics at Doraha.