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Issue 23
, 2010
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Noida hospital dumps bio-waste in open

Source: The Tribune, New Delhi, Date: , 2010

Bio-medical waste is being dumped in the open in Noida district hospital. It is disposed of in the hospital compound and in front of the operation theatre gate. The waste includes injections, needles, blood-soaked dressings, cotton, bandages, etc. Though separate waste dumps have been provided in different wards, nobody seems to be using them. Medical superintendent Dr Raj Rani Kansal said three large bins have been provided for dumping bio-waste in the hospital. According to Dr Kansal, a large company has been engaged for clearing the waste from the hospital. She said, “We will question the staff as to who had dumped the waste in the open. Three dustbins of different colours are used for disposal of bio-waste which is done as per the colours of the drums. The company collects the waste and disposes it of as per norms. According to Dr P.K. Singh, dumping bio-medical waste in the open can cause a number of diseases because of viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc present in the waste. It can cause polio, skin diseases, conjunctivitis, typhoid, diphtheria, tetanus, diarrhea, cholera, etc.