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Issue 23
, 2010
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Hazardous waste seized at TN port

Source: The Tribune, Chennai,, Date: , 2010

Customs officials have seized about 500 tonnes of hazardous waste, which arrived at Tuticorin port in Tamil Nadu from Greece and Reunion Island, a territory controlled by Greece and France. The hazardous waste in 20 containers was to be received in the name of a paper factory in Sivakasi in South Tamil Nadu. It contained municipal, medical and plastic waster, besides aluminum foil packing material, batteries, thermocol and bottles which cannot be used by a paper factory. Customs officials said the goods had been imported in violation of the Hazardous Waste (Management, Handling and Trans-boundary Movement) Rules, 2009, and added that appropriate action would be taken against the importer. They said the consignment was imported by Sripathi Paper and Boards, based in Sivakasi, with the declaration that it was waste paper to be reprocessed and used by it. The containers were opened after the officials noted that a foul smell was emanating from them. On examining the contents, they found that a large part of it was municipal, medical and plastic waste. The containers loaded with sanitary napkins, diapers, undergarments, surgical gloves, shoe soles, perfume bottles and broken toys as well. The officials said action had also been initiated under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962, and noted that such hazardous waste could lead to contamination of soil and spread of communicable diseases. A case was also registered against the Indian firm, which had certified the consignment as waste paper.