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Issue 20
, 2009
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Hormone-fed veggies being sold in Punjab

Source: Hindustan Times, Mumbai, Date: , 2009

Is it really time to think about our health and survival? Yes, the time has come where the things are either getting diminished or vanishing from this planet earth. Other than the terrorism and nuclear bombs, the biggest threat to the mankind is underway, which is the Climate change. The Global warming, which is slowly slowly engulfing the world and worrying everybody. The Global warming is causing, either lesser rain or heavy rain. At some places un-seasonal rains, flooding wreck havoc spoiling the farming land and agricultural produce. The agricultural produce are getting depleted day by day. It is an irony that, when the rain is badly needed, there will be no rain, if it all the there is little and the farmers grow the food grains, vegetable etc., the un-seasonal rains will destroy the standing crop. So, the farmers go bankrupt as their produce will not help them to repay their debts and as a result, many farmers commit suicide. Now, the farmers try everything, by hook or crook they want to sustain, but at what cost?? At the cost of unsuspecting people's lives! The farmers in Punjab and other places are trying to inject hormone to the vegetables, to get more produce, which is dangerous to human health. Fruits, Meat, Grains and Vegetables are now genetically modified at some point of their growth to enhance their shelf-life and we are at the receiving end. Eating this G.M food is dangerous to human health. Government should start taking necessary action right now to curb this menace; otherwise we will have no option other than eating these Hormone-fed Vegetables etc.