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Issue 18
, 2009
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Plastic footwear may contain harmful toxic Materials:Study

Source: Financial Express, Mumbai, Date: , 2009

Think again before opting for some fancy plastic footwear for these contain toxic materials harmful to health as well as environment, a study has claimed. According to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, which conducted the study, majority of plastic sandals and shoes sold across the world contain toxic materials such as phthalates and heavy metals. “We have found frightening concentration of environment toxins in 17 for the 27 pairs of shoes and sandals during analysis for efferent types of chemicals , These are sold in various countries,” said president of the society Mikel Karisson. Regarding toxin contents in shoes made in India, Mr Ravi Agarwal form Toxics Link, partner in the study, said. “`Samples from India also tested positive for PVC, DEHP and cobalt. Two samples contained more than 18% DEHP in those parts that were made of PVC.” he study was conducted in collaboration with environmental bodies in the Philippines, India, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Indonesia.

“Consumers simply do not know that there are harmful substances in plastic shoes, and the companies have therefore not had any strong incentive to reduce the levels of environmental toxins in the shoes.” If more people ask for shoes that are free form phthalates and heavy metal, this will increase pressure on importers to bring toxin-free shoes,” Karisson said.