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Issue 93
, 2019
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Indonesia rejects, India gets 38 loads of hazardous waste

Source: The Times of India, Date: , 2019

India seems to have fallen prey to the bustling racket of global waste trafficking. Thirty-eight containers, carrying hazardous and contaminated waste from the US, were allegedly sneaked into the country over the course of a couple of weeks, raising concern among green watchdogs. The containers, originally shipped for a paper mill in Indonesia, had been seized by Indonesian customs. According to the Basel Convention — which was ratified by Indonesia and India, among others — such containers carrying hazardous waste must be sent back to their countries of origin. But even though the Indonesian authorities claimed they never authorized the containers to be re-exported to Asian countries, these 38 containers made their way to India through two ports, revealed an exposé by Indonesian environment watchdog Nexus3 and the US-based Basel Action Network (BAN).

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