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Issue 80
, 2017
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Ghazipur Landfill Cave-in: Where Have We 'Bin' Wrong?

Source: New 18, Date: , 2017

Source: New 18, New Delhi, Sep 3, 2017:- Three unseeingly, but characteristic “monuments” greet us at major bordering locations (Ghazipur from East, Bhalswa on North and Tehkhand in South) while we enter the national capital. Not to forget stench of decaying garbage, a large flock of predatory birds (Black KiteMilvus migrans); I am unsure if we were so prepared to visually witness our disdains for urban ecosystem health. I talk of city’s waste digesters, major landfill sites operated by municipalities for over 50 years. A lax technique to channelise secure removal of waste from middle of a city, these landfills admirably characterise burying one’s head in sand. Of course, we never imagined hitting a roadblock, exhibited in our frailty to comply with decade-old warnings of the honourable High Court, decommissioning further usage of these sites. For urban growth in India, amidst dazzle of global.

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