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Issue 79
, 2017
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GST likely to hurt e-waste sector

Source: Economic Times, Date: , 2017

Source: Economic Times, India, July 31, 2017:- Inspire of India generating 1.85 million tonnes of e-waste annually and ranked in the top 5 countries of electronic waste generation, e-waste has not been categorized separately under the new GST regime which has created an air of ambiguity for e-waste organizations. Today, India has 1 billion mobile subscribers, around 57 million computers along with other gadgets and consumer electronics users. But only 1.5 % of the e-waste generated in this county gets recycled, according to Assocham and KPMG’s study of 2016. Akshay Jain, Director, Namo e-waste says, "GST rate on scrap is 18% and for computer and electronics its 28%. There is no mention of E-Waste or Computer/IT scrap in the list of items under GST and hence there's no clarity.”

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