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Issue 79
, 2017
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Court Allows EPA to Continue Delaying Toxic Pesticide Ban

Source: NRDC, Date: , 2017

Source: NRDC, July 18, 2017:- In late March, after U.S. Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt reversed an Obama-era recommendation to ban chlorpyrifos—a widely used, highly toxic pesticide found by the EPA itself to cause learning disabilities and developmental delays in children—NRDC and our partners sued. Today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, ruled—based on a procedural issue, not on the safety of the pesticide or the validity of the lawsuit—that the agency can continue delaying a decision to ban chlorpyrifos. “This dangerous chemical has no place in our communities or on the food we feed our families,” says Erik Olson, director of NRDC’s Health program. “The EPA’s own science shows there are unsafe residues of the pesticide on common fruits and vegetables—including kid favorites, like apples and oranges.Nearly two decades of scientific studies have documented the risks that chlorpyrifos poses to children and pregnant women. And a 2016 health assessment by the EPA itself showed that residues of the pesticide on fruits and vegetables led to exposures in children up to 140 times higher than the EPA’s safety limit. 

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