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Issue 78
, 2017
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Medical waste found in sewer at GMCH-32

Source: The Tribune, Date: , 2017

Source: The Tribune, Chandigarh, May, 2017 :-Negligence on the part of the GMCH-32 staff has come to the fore. It is learnt that medical waste, including used syringes and injections, are being dumped in sewers. The matter came to light when a choked sewer was being cleared near the emergency area of the hospital yesterday. The hospital does not have its own incinerator and sends its waste to the PGIMER. The presence of the waste in the sewer has exposed the staff. Director of the hospital Dr AK Janmeja said: I am not aware of any of this, but will ensure that such things are not repeated. Such negligence can be dangerous as knowingly or unknowingly a person can come in contact with the used syringes. It can cause infections, serious diseases and even death in some cases. Other than medical waste, plastic and polythene also came out of the sewer between blocks A and C.

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