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Issue 77
, 2017
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Ooho! Eat this water bottle and reduce plastic usage

Source:, Date: , 2017

Source:, April, 2017 :- While the plastic and its usage have made our lives simpler it has added on to the pollutants that harm the environment. Plastics are now today considered as one of the major toxins on the earth that are depleting its natural habitat. One of the most used ways of plastic is in the form of bottles that holds water. While it has been a major threat to nature, edible water bottles have paved way for a greener environment. Reducing the use of plastic bottles, the water ball named “Ooho!” is biodegradable and can be swallowed and digested. It looks like a bubble and does the same work of water by keeping people hydrated. Ooho is made from a seaweed extract and is tasteless just like water. It can also be made available in various flavours. The company which came up with the plan is Skipping Rocks Lab that was founded by three London-based design students. They aim at making a series of sustainable projects of which Ooho is their first product. The bottle which is inedible format aims to encourage people to drink more water.

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