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Issue 76
, 2017
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Govt, Japan discuss ways to curb air, water pollution

Source: The Pioneer, Date: , 2017

The Pioneer, New Delhi, Mar, 2017 : Delhi Government in an extensive meeting on Friday with a delegation of Japan discussed to explore the possibility in finding various ways and means to control air and water pollution and solid waste management. Environment Minister, Government of Delhi, Imran Hussain, on Friday met the Japanese delegation headed by Vice-Minister for Global Environmental Affairs, Ministry of the Environment, Japan, Shigemoto Kajihara. The Japanese delegation informed that it has low cost technology to effectively control and treat waste water in rural/ sparsely inhabited areas.  “It was informed that the technology called Johkasou is capable of treating both night soil (black water) and domestic waste water (grey water) is  easy to install, requires compact space and discharges treated water suitable to sound water cycles and maintaining consistent review flow volume. This technology works on de-centralised waste water treatment capable of being adopted and implemented in isolated clusters,” said a statement of the Government here.

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