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Issue 76
, 2017
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Illegal bio-medical waste industry poses a hazard in Gurugram

Source: DNA, Date: , 2017

DNA, New Delhi, Mar, 2017 : Wearing used rubber gloves, Manthalesh sifts syringes, blood bags, and empty glucose bottles from a heap of garbage. After segregating the harmful medical waste, she puts the items in black polythene bags, which has 'Danger: Bio-Hazard' in bold letters. But the 26-year-old doesn't seem terribly concerned, for she has never been to a school and cannot read the damning warning. "If you want, I can offer you a fair deal," she says, without breaking her pace. Inside the Civil Hospital campus, just a few metres from the entrance, an open pit sends an invitation to everyone to make a good business out of medical waste. But the bio-medical waste has been mixed with regular waste, giving rise to an overwhelming stench, sending the visitors in opposite direction with handkerchiefs on their noses.

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