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Issue 13
, 2009
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MC dumping garbage into stream

Source: The Tribune, New Delhi, Date: , 2009

Instead of disposing of garbage and other waste material at a dumping ground, the municipal authorities here are directly throwing garbage into a nullah (stream) in Rajouri. Residents complained that by doing so, they are not only polluting the Rajouri stream, which ultimately will lead to the death of aquatic animals, but are also causing great pain to the people who pass through the area as foul smell emanates from the stream. “The municipal authorities after collecting garbage from various parts of the town and directly throw it into the nullah. We have complained to the authorities many times, but to no avail. Now we have given up complaining,” Ishtiyaq Ahmed, a local resident, said. Admitting that the municipal authorities are throwing garbage into the nullah in Rajouri, Rajinder Gupta, chairman of the Rajouri Municipal Committee, said: “We have submitted a proposal to the government for scientific disposal of the garbage. The project is awaiting approval.”