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Issue 71
, 2016
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 Life and death in Toxic Valley

Source: The Hindu, Date: , 2016

The Endosulfan story is uncomfortably close to us. Pesticides are an every day reality. Australia-based filmmaker Simon Kurian tells the pesticide story with his feature length theatrical documentary Toxic Valley , filmed extensively, over three years plus a year of post production, in India and Australia. What started as an initial concept “of a short documentary on the Endosulfan story in Kasaragod” evolved into a larger story to include other parts of the country and moved abroad, to Australia. Deeply affected by what he saw in Kasaragod, he says, “I knew then that this was not a story I could tell from Kasaragod alone. For one thing, many stories that come out of developing nations get dismissed as yet another tragedy that happens due to lax regulatory systems or poor awareness; that this would never happen in an advanced nation. That would then be a lie. So I knew then that I had to tell the story from a global perspective; not just as the story of Endosulfan but about pesticides in general which are causing so much damage to human health and environment.

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