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Issue 70
, 2016
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Indian painted frog found in new area of Adilabad forests

Source: The Hindu, Date: , 2016

It is not just the endangered Indian vulture Gyps indicus that lives in Bejjur forest in Adilabad, Telangana. The 253 sq. km. thickly forested area on the banks of Pranahita river in the eastern part of this district is a biodiversity haven, as the presence of a rare frog in the area shows. Recently, Polasa Tirupathi, a bird tracker working with the Forest Department, spotted a painted frog — Uperodon taprobanicus — on a tree within the campus of the Bejjur Forest Range office. “We had a hunch that this had to be a rare species when we first saw it,” recalled an excited Bejjur Forest Range Officer, M. Ram Mohan, and Ravikanth Manchiryala, field biologist-researcher at the vulture conservation project. In their studies, the amphibian was found for the first time in Telangana.

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